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Cognitive behvaioral Therapy of Insomnia ( CBT-I)

CBT -I is a drug -free treatment for insomnia which has been proven to be as effective as sleeping medication for the short term and superior to sleeping pills for the long  term.


CBT-I is a structured, brief program that  involves 5-10 sessions.  You wil learn to identify and replace thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that cause or contribute to your sleep problems with habits that promote sound sleep.


Dr. Hertz is a certified CBT-I therapist.


Relaxation Training
Learning relaxation techniques can help you understand  the nature of  stress, tension, anxiety  and relaxation and their effects on sleep.  By learning relaxation and reducing stress and tension you learn to improve sleep and prevent temporary sleep difficulties from turning into chronic insomnia.
Methods  to reduced stress and anxiety include:
  • Breathing exercises
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Mental imagery relaxation (also called guided imagery)
This circadian-rhythm based intervention has been designed for individulas with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome ( DSPS) and Advanced  Sleep Phase Syndrome ( ASPS). It is aimed at resetting the circadian  rhythm and sleep pattern to a  desired schedule. This  would help  synchronize the sleep pattern to  the demands of school, employment  or other lifestyle equirements. 
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